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October 29 2016

Headquarters of the Mathematical Association of America (18th Street, Washington, D.C.) with Type 5 pentagonal tiling in the entrance hall.
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28 Oct 2016: Grand opening of the "Höschen" bar (Dunckerstraße 9, 10437 Berlin) with Type 15 pentagonal tiling in the restroom.

(Casey Mann, Jennifer McLoud-Mann, David Von Derau: "Convex pentagons that admit i-block transitive tilings", arxiv.org/abs/1510.01186, 5 Oct 2015)
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August 21 2016

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July 21 2016

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June 09 2016

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June 08 2016

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May 02 2016

Engare , a drawing game about the mathematical beauty of Islamic art
by Mahdi Bahrami
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May 01 2016

April 10 2016

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March 27 2016

March 25 2016

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January 25 2016

September 03 2015

Alicia Boole Stott: "Geometrical deduction of semiregular from regular polytopes and space fillings", Verhandelingen Natuurkunde, I/11, No.1 (1910), p. 1-24.
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August 11 2015

You can see more of this splendid book here. If you like these you might also like these.

via Meyer’s Ornament; 1898. « Present&Correct
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The 15 types of pentagonal tilings discovered so far.
(August 2015)
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July 23 2015

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June 12 2015

4D objects by Jason Hise on entropygames.net.
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4D objects by Jason Hise on entropygames.net.
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June 10 2015

Quantum Gravity via Causal Dynamical Triangulations
J. Ambjorn, A. Goerlich, J. Jurkiewicz, R. Loll
http://arxiv.org/abs/1302.2173v1 (8 Feb 2013)

"Causal Dynamical Triangulations" (CDT) represent a lattice regularization of the sum over spacetime histories, providing us with a non-perturbative formulation of quantum gravity. The ultraviolet fixed points of the lattice theory can be used to define a continuum quantum field theory, potentially making contact with quantum gravity defined via asymptotic safety. We describe the formalism of CDT, its phase diagram, and the quantum geometries emerging from it. We also argue that the formalism should be able to describe a more general class of quantum-gravitational models of Horava-Lifshitz type.
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